Weed Be Good Together: Make your Valentine’s Date Night Cannabis-Friendly With These Cannabis Accessories in Stoney Creek

by Elevated Minds
Weed accessories on a tray

Got a special someone in your life that loves weed? Not sure what to get for valentines day? Why not treat your boo to some cannabis accessories to help them elevate their cannabis experience. Before legalization, cannabis consumers were pretty resourceful about how to consume their weed, but now that the taboos around marijuana consumption are lessening, we’re seeing more folks become interested in exploring the world of accessories. 

Accessories make great gifts, and they come in a variety of forms. Some different kinds of cannabis accessories are bongs, pipes, rolling trays, humidifiers, grinders, recipe books, and lighters. 

Whether you’re a newbie or an adventurous cannabis user, there is an accessory for everyone. We’ve curated a list of our favourite accessories to use to elevate your date nights just in time for Valentine’s Day. All courtesy of Elevated Minds in Stoney Creek, the dispensary that has it all and also delivers cannabis goods right to your doorstep. To heat things (like your weed) up this Valentine’s Day, check out these cannabis accessories. 



Pairing Cannabis Friendly Dates with Cool Weed Accessories You Need to Try 

The right weed accessories can make any cannabis-friendly date even more enjoyable. Here’s what we suggest:


Dinner and a Movie One Hitter 

A perfect, no-fail date option is always dinner and a movie. And if you’re looking to take your crush out on a cannabis-friendly night out, we suggest giving the gift of a one-hitter. One hitters are great for a quick toke before a movie starts. One-hitters give you the option of using significantly less weed, which in turn helps conserve your stash and also helps you spend more intentional time while consuming cannabis. No one likes being too high on a date, and the wood rose one hitter from our dispensary in Stoney Creek is the way to go. 


DIY Crafts Night Grinder Rollies and Rolling Tray and Ashtray 

Trying to be more creative with your date ideas? A craft night is always a good way to switch things up. Nothing says romance better than creating something together, and so that’s why we recommend that for your DIY Arts and Crafts night, to roll joints together. You can flex your rolling skills and even get some friendly competition on who can roll the better joint. The prize? All of those Valentine’s Day chocolates! The supplies you’ll need for this are a grinder, rolling papers, rolling tray and an ashtray.  Here are our weed paraphernalia suggestions in Stoney Creek: 


Top Weed Grinder in Stoney Creek 

With its aluminum construction and diamond teeth pattern, the Hammercraft Bullseye four-piece grinder delivers a smooth and effortless grind every time. The grinder features strong magnets to keep it closed, and a premium quality mesh screen for collecting tons of kief to use at a later time.


Our Favourite Ashtray and Rolling Tray

Your next rolling session will be sparkling and shining with these RAW Metallic Rolling Trays. This Rolling Club ashtray in metal and pink marble is one of our favorites.


Premium Rolling Papers in Stoney Creek

Watermelon Juicy Jays 

These rolling papers are designed to enhance the natural flavors of your smoke. If you’re not a fan of watermelon, we also sell cotton candy, grape, banana, blueberry, and strawberry kiwi! 


A Dazy Walk In the Park A Vaporizer 

A low-pressure way to hang out with your friends, or your crush for that matter, is to go for a low-maintenance walk in the park with some bud! If you’re feeling self-conscious about polluting the environment with cannabis smoke, try a vaporizer! Grab yourself a 510 thread battery, and a cartridge of your choosing and off you go on your scenic (and snowy) nature walk! 


Where to Buy Weed Accessories in Stoney Creek

Give the gift of giving to someone who loves cannabis, or accessorize your date night with these cannabis accessories. If you’ve been following along, you know that you can come visit our dispensary, Elevated Minds in Stoney Creek. Our dispensary is open from 9 am-11 pm daily, and we also offer delivery for those who don’t want to venture out of their home! Also, don’t forget to join our loyalty program for more rewards when you shop with us in-store or online. 


About Elevated Minds

Located in Stoney Creek, Ontario – Elevated Minds is an imaginative, energetic dispensary that offers a variety of premium cannabis products. 

Elevated Minds considers itself as partners with its community, employees, customers, and the environment. They uphold a commitment to provide educational content through their platform by exceeding consumer expectations and maintaining quality assurance on all their products.

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