Cannabis Delivery in Stoney Creek: Everything You Need to Know

Get Cannabis Delivered to Your Door in Stoney Creek with Elevated Minds Weed Delivery

by Elevated Minds
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One of the (un)fortunate side effects of marijuana is couch lock. While this is the desired effect for some, sometimes it can produce adverse effects, especially if you’re looking to get outside of the house to get more weed. Thankfully, technology has advanced and has made getting weed a lot easier with weed delivery. 

At Elevated Minds, we’re pleased to offer weed delivery in Stoney Creek and our surrounding areas. Here’s all you need to know when making an order, and what to expect for delivery. 

What is the Minimum Spend for Weed Delivery in Stoney Creek

At Elevated Minds in Stoney Creek, there is a minimum $45 spend. The price of gas is expensive, and to make the trips worthwhile, there needs to be a reasonable minimum spend. We suggest loading up so you don’t have to leave the house if you don’t have to. 



What is the Maximum Spend for Weed Delivery

Our minimum spend is $45, but it’s important to keep in mind that as per Canadian and Ontario regulations, the maximum you can order is 30 grams. 



Where Does Elevated Minds Deliver Cannabis to

At Stoney Creek, we deliver to residential addresses within 40km of our cannabis shop. Deliveries will only be accepted until 5 p.m. daily to ensure same-day delivery. 



Why is Weed Delivery Important in Stoney Creek

At Stoney Creek, we realize that weed delivery is important because it simply accommodates one of the most important factors for a customer’s shopping experience, which is to offer convenience.

 We recognize that some of our customers are busy with work, studying, and with their families and not everyone has the same access to getting around as easily as others – that’s why we make it easier for our customers by providing same-day weed delivery services. 



What Kind of Cannabis Products Can I Have Delivered in Stoney Creek

We offer various kinds of cannabis products for you to order out of the comfort of your home! Here are some of the kinds of cannabis products we deliver.


Flower Delivery

One of the most common things that we deliver daily at Elevated Minds in Stoney Creek is Flower. Our selection of the traditional flower varies from Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid blends. This also includes a selection of high-THC strains and strains that are more mellow with a CBD blend. If dried flower isn’t your jam, we also have a selection of pre-rolls that make shopping even more convenient. 



Edibles come in a variety of different forms. From chocolates to cookies to gummies, there is something for everyone. While edibles have a reputation for being unpredictable, there is not much to worry about now due to clearly marked dosages for CBD and THC, so users know how much cannabis they are ingesting when consuming edible products. 


Extracts and Concentrates

Extracts are another common product that we deliver in Stoney Creek. Extracts and concentrates give our customers an option to consume a higher amount of THC more discreetly. This is particularly common by using pre-filled vape cartridges – these are most commonly paired with 510 thread batteries which can also be found on our website. 

 More experienced users tend to also enjoy more high-end extracts and concentrates like shatter, hash, crumble, and moon rocks which are available on our website. 



How Do I Order Cannabis Online

Follow these steps to order online from Elevated Minds:

Fill Up Your Stash 

First, fill up your stash (or your cart) with your desired order. You’ll note that on our website, we offer daily deals – click to see what daily deal applies and be sure to add to your order when you’re checking out. Once you’ve picked out what you want, head over to check out. 


Sign Up For Elevated Minds Rewards

Our Elevated Minds Club provides exciting rewards! Earn points by visiting stores, on purchases, and more. You can sign up, or you can skip this step. 


Pick up or Delivery 

Next, you’ll be prompted to select if you would like to pick up or delivery. Simply, click delivery and fill out your details including your residential address, and the name of who is making the order. 

Our delivery teams deliver within 40km of our Stoney Creek store. Be sure to double-check that there is a $45 minimum order. 



At the current moment, we are only accepting credit and debit card payments for delivery orders. Once you’ve punched in your details, you’ll be able to review your order. 


What Happens Next 

After you’ve reviewed your order, and placed the order, our team at Elevated Minds will communicate a delivery window via call back. If you’ve placed an order before 6 PM, you should receive your order on the same day. Our delivery window can vary from 1-3 hours. 

When your order arrives, be sure to have a valid piece of government-issued photo I.D. available to confirm your delivery order with our delivery team. 



Elevate Your Experience with Weed Delivery  

After all that, all that is left to do is enjoy your order! Our weed delivery service is meant to be easy to use –  our staff is happy to elevate your experience by offering delivery in Stoney Creek. Get more information about weed delivery in Stoney Creek by visiting our website, or contacting us directly.


About Elevated Minds 

Located in Stoney Creek, Ontario – Elevated Minds is an imaginative, energetic dispensary that offers a variety of premium cannabis products. 

Elevated Minds considers themselves as partners with their community, employees, customers and the environment. They uphold a commitment to provide educational content through their platform by exceeding consumer expectations and maintaining quality assurance on all their products. 

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