Stoney Creek’s Budtenders Bong 101 Guide

by Elevated Minds
man using a glass weed bong outside

Bongs are a right of passage for cannabis users. Nothing hits quite like a bong and if you’re not prepared for what comes up that chamber, you could be in for quite the surprise.

Before you buy one, you need to know what to look for and where the best place to get a bong in Stoney Creek is. 

But first, let’s talk about what bongs are and how to use them so that when you take your first toke, you’re ready for whatever comes your way. 

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  1. What’s Better, a Glass, Plastic or Silicone Bong?
  2. What’s the Downside of Glass Bongs?
  3. What are the Different Parts of Bongs?
  4. How are Pipes Different from Bongs?
  5. Are Bongs Better Than Pipes?
  6. How Do You Use a Bong?
  7. Get Your Bong Starter Pack in Stoney Creek
    1. Best Bongs to Buy
  8. Be Adventurous and Try Something New


Whats Better, a Glass, Plastic or Silicone Bong

Bongs are made of either glass, plastic, or silicone. In our opinion, glass bongs are the best option because:

  1. They don’t absorb any of the smoke like plastic or rubber ones do.
  2. They’re more heat resistant so they don’t leech any chemicals.
  3. They’re easy to clean and maintain so they last a long time.

Plastic and silicone bongs are great for certain scenarios. If you use your bong regularly, we recommend using a glass piece.


Whats the Downside of Glass Bongs

Because of their quality, glass bongs can be more expensive than plastic or silicon. And no matter how clean you keep it, there’s always the chance of it dropping and breaking. 

Just as “hitting the bong” is a right of passage, so is breaking a bong.


What are the Different Parts of Bongs

Bongs have a mouthpiece at the top that connects to a neck leading down to a water chamber. Water chambers come in various shapes, mostly beaker-shaped or round-based.

The bowl of the bong rests on top of a downstem that sticks out of the water chamber. The downstem creates bubbles in the water while you brew the bowl.


How are Pipes Different from Bongs

Pipes are small handheld pieces. You can conceal them easily and take them with you almost anywhere you go. Pipes are more comparable to joints because water isn’t involved. Because of that, the toke can be harsher and sometimes you will actually suck in ash or weed crumbs into your mouth. 


Are Bongs Better Than Pipes

The benefit of using a bong over a pipe is the smoothness of the toke. Unlike pipes, bongs use water to filter and cool the smoke before you inhale it. Whereas pipe tokes can be dry, hot and harsh, bongs can be cool and smooth. Especially if you put ice cubes in the neck of your bong.

Bongs are also known as water pipes for this very reason. You can smoke tobacco, hashish, or weed and get a smoother smoking experience than with a pipe.


How Do You Use a Bong

So you’ve bought your bong, you’ve got some weed from our retail store, Elevated Minds in Stoney Creek, and you’re ready to fire it up. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to follow. 

  1. Fill the water chamber with cold water.
    1. Pro-Tip:  If the neck of your bong has an ice catch, drop three or four ice cubes in the neck. Ice catches are dimples or wedges in the neck that catch an ice cube before it drops into the water chamber.
  2. Grind your weed using a weed grinder so your bowl doesn’t clog up while you’re brewing.
  3. Pack your bowl.
  4. Light your bowl.
  5. As the flame hovers over your herb begin to inhale slowly, drawing the flame down and burning the weed in the bowl.
  6. Smoke will begin to enter the water chamber, bubble, and rise up the neck. 
  7. Once the neck is full of smoke, remove the bowl from the downstem – leaving the downstem in place – and inhale deeply. 
  8. You should be producing bubbles as you inhale and clear the chamber. If you’re not producing bubbles then you’ve done something wrong and will get a dry toke. 
  9. Feeling brave? Hold that toke in for as long as you can and release it with one giant exhale. 

Are you still with us? Hopefully, you were sitting down for that. We probably should have mentioned that first. 


Get Your Bong Starter Pack in Stoney Creek

Buying bongs or pipes in Stoney Creek is made easy when you visit our retail cannabis store, Elevated Minds.

Whether you want a statement piece in your home or a travel buddy to bring around with you, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our bong and weed pairing suggestions:


Best Bongs to Buy

Made with durable borosilicate glass, this 14” Polka Dot Glass Beaker has a built-in ice catch and comes with a downstem and a thick durable glass bowl. Coming in at under $75, this bong is a great budget-friendly option for you.


Best Sativa Weed to Pack Your Bowl With

For a Sativa-dominant hybrid that combines two great strains, “Girl Scout Cookies” and “Sour Diesel”, we recommend Organic Sour Cookies dried flower.


Best Indica Weed to Pack Your Bowl With

For an Indica-dominant hybrid, we recommend Venom Dried Flower. This strain is a cross between “Venom” and “Venom OG Kush” and is very potent coming in at %35.76 THC.

Not sure if you want a Sativa-dominant or an Indica-dominant strain? Check out our blog post Sativa 101: A Buyer’s Guide for Stoney Creek Residents for some answers. 


Be Adventurous and Try Something New

The time is now, no more pondering or hesitating. Come on by to Elevated Minds in Stoney Creek and talk to our Budtenders about the bongs we carry.

When you shop for flower or accessories, remember that we have daily deals in our store every day of the week. Join our loyalty program or take advantage of our seniors discounts so that you get the best value for your money.

Bongs are a classic way to smoke weed, so have some fun and try new things. Visit Elevated Minds and we’ll hook you up.

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