Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Rolls in Stoney Creek

by Elevated Minds
Pre rolled cannabis from Elevated Minds

Have you ever heard of the term pre-rolls? Honestly, the name gives it away: Pre-rolls are basically just joints that can be easily purchased and smoked, perfect if you don’t have the time to roll your own, or don’t have the equipment needed to roll one. They’re ready to use right away which saves a lot of time when you don’t want to spend more doing something than the activity itself will last. There’s no need for extra paper filters or filling up your own rolling paper which makes things easier.

A lot of people find that rolling a joint enhances the experience, but everyone is different, so Elevated Minds is the perfect place to get pre-rolls and dried flower in Stoney Creek.



What Are Pre Rolls

In a nutshell, pre-rolls are joints. These joints are rolled by a dispensary, a supplier, or a company, then packaged and sold. They’re convenient and can be easily disposed of. 


What Makes Pre Rolls So Great

They’re accessible, disposable, and easy. When you buy a pre-roll, you don’t have to grind, roll, and seal the flower yourself. If you do not know how to roll joints, have accessibility challenges, or would like to share them with other people, pre-rolls provide an alternative. The variety of types, strains, and sizes of pre-rolls makes it easy to find something that suits your needs, no matter what your reason is. 


Im Still Unsure, Are Pre Rolls Worth It

When it comes to pre-rolls, you pay for quality and what may be worth something to you, may not be worth something to others – but generally, yes pre-rolls are worth it!

Pre-rolls are of varying quality based on where they are sourced, how they are packaged, and what part of the flower is used. Whether you’re looking for a discreet and disposable option, or you’re a new joint smoker who doesn’t know how to roll, pre-rolls are a great purchase.


Is My Pre Roll Good Quality

The first thing we would suggest is to ask your budtender, and at Elevated Minds, our staff is equipped with the knowledge to let you know what kind of pre-roll you’re getting.

Cheap pre-rolls are usually made from the whole flower, including the shake and trim. This causes the quality to take a big hit. In some cases, buying pre-rolls that have a shake and trim in them instead of whole buds is more of a hassle and will be less enjoyable to smoke. You’ll have to smoke a lot more to feel the effects, and it’s not very friendly to your throat or lungs.

Again, if you’re ever in doubt when looking to buy pre-rolls, just ask one of our Budtenders at Elevated Minds in Stoney Creek about the quality of the pre-rolls and if it uses the whole bud rather than the whole plant. 


How to Pick Out Pre Rolls

Pre-rolls come in all shapes and sizes, if you’re having trouble finding what works for you – read on below to find some recommendations that may work!  


Pre-Roll Packs 

Gelatti Pre-Rolls By Msiku

If you’re looking for a pack of pre-rolls, try the Gelatti Pre-Roll Packs by Msiku. A layer of trichomes coats the large dense buds, giving the pre-roll an earthy and spicy aroma. A trio of pre-rolls is provided in this convenient package.


Single Pre-Rolls 

Cold Creek Kush Pre-Roll by Vertical 

A Cold Creek Kush Pre-Roll from Vertical is made from indoor-grown, single-lot strains and contains 100% cannabis. To ensure freshness, pre-rolls are filled by machine, folded manually, and sealed in airtight containers. The Cold Creek Kush pre-rolls contain at least 20% THC and at least 1% CBG. 


Benny Blunto Pre-Roll by The Loud Plug
This one is for the self-proclaimed Gas Lovers! This blunt wrap has a smooth taste and it’s filled with La Kush to accentuate the flavour profile. Blunts are a great option if you’re looking to expand beyond a standard joint, as the blunt wrap adds an extra layer to make your smoking experience that much more enjoyable. This Blunt is an Indica with 24.6% of THC.



Anything Else I Need to Know About Pre Rolls

To burn evenly, pre-rolls must be tightly packed. We recommend that your pre-roll isn’t too dry or too moist as this can cause a negative experience: Too dry creates more of a harsh smoking experience, and too moist leads to mold and bacteria build up. The ideal moisture factor is between 10-12%. 

You can choose from Indicas, Sativas, or hybrids, depending on your personal preference. Individual pre-rolls or packs ranging from three to ten are the most common. Depending on your tolerance, you can choose between 0.35g and a gram. In Canada, you cannot exceed a gram by law. 


Enjoy Pre Rolls at Elevated Minds in Stoney Creek

Finding Pre-Rolls is meant to be convenient, and our Budtenders are here to help elevate your smoking experience by offering suggestions that work best for your wants and needs. Stop by our shop for more information, or visit us online! 


About Elevated Minds 

Located in Stoney Creek, Ontario – Elevated Minds is an imaginative, energetic dispensary that offers a variety of premium cannabis products.  Come visit us in store or check out our online menu for cannabis delivery to your door.

Elevated Minds considers themselves as partners with their community, employees, customers and the environment. They uphold a commitment to provide educational content through their platform by exceeding consumer expectations and maintaining quality assurance on all their products.

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