Rise and Grind: Here Are Our Top 4 Grinders in Stoney Creek

by Elevated Minds
weed grinders

An essential item that you must have to enjoy cannabis is definitely a weed grinder. They’re palm-sized tools that help break down your cannabis, grinding them into smaller pieces so that you can use them to roll joints, pack a bowl, or even when you’re making edibles. 


If you’re looking for a cannabis grinder in Stoney Creek, our dispensary in Stoney Creek has over five different options to choose from. Before we get into that, let’s get into the specifics of what a weed grinder is, how they work, and what to look for when buying a cannabis grinder. 



What is A Cannabis Grinder

A cannabis grinder, otherwise known as a herb grinder, is a cylindrical device that is used to break up cannabis (or other herbs) to a finer consistency. Using this method, you can roll joints or pack bowls with a finer consistency. The advantage of grinders is that they break down the flower evenly, which enhances the smoking experience.


How Does A Marijuana Grinder Work

A classic cannabis grinder looks like a large cylindrical tool with metal teeth inside, which are revealed once the top and bottom halves are separated from each other. The teeth are designed for shredding and cutting dried cannabis into smaller pieces.


Whats the Difference Between a 2 Piece and a 4 Piece Grinder

If you’re just buying a grinder for the first time, you’ll probably be presented with the choice of choosing a 2 piece grinder or a 4 piece grinder. Personally, I love the 4 piece grinder. What’s the difference? 


2 Piece Grinder 

The 2 piece grinder just grinds the herb. It comes with two halves to shred the weed and that’s just about it. When the resin builds up, you’ll get keif which you can just brush out after continued use. This method of collecting kief isn’t ideal, which is why I recommend the 4 piece grinder. 


4 Piece Grinder 

The 4 piece grinder grinds the herb, and collects keif through a screen. There is a compartment that stores the kief, which you can then scoop it out if you want. Personally, I think that these grinders are usually better quality and keeps your kief fresher. 


Top Four Weed Grinders at Stoney Creek 

Here are the top four weed grinders in Stoney Creek.

  1. High Roller Cone Filling Grinder
    The High Roller Cone Filling Grinder is a herb grinder available at our Stoney Creek dispensary. This grinder offers a premium polycarbonate for effortless shredding with a magnetically sealed lid. It’s triple polished and scratch resistant with a transparent design so you can see the process from start to finish. You can store it tightly for freshness and odour control. To add, it comes with an assistant packer to help fill cones easily. It’s portable and fits in most pockets! 


  1.  RAW Life 4-Piece Grinder (Large)
    The Raw Life 4-Piece Grinder is built to last a lifetime: this grinder is modularly engineered. Every component is easily cleanable and replaceable, even the screen. You can add or remove components onto your grinder and customize it exactly the way you like. Designed to not only shred your stuff, but to fluff as you grind to give you the perfect consistency materials to roll up in a RAW Paper.


  1. Sweetleaf Aluminum Original Grinder
    The Sweetleaf Aluminum Original Grinder is large and in charge. It’s made in Canada using 100% pure aluminum with stainless steel pins. It works hard to pull apart your herb with even distribution. This 3” grinder is small enough to fit in your pocket but big enough to get the job done. They’re hand powered but their pins are sharp enough to control the grinding speed and duration. This grinder is easy to use, and reliable due to the polished gloss and hardened aluminum finish. 


  1. Backwoods 4-In-1 Utility Jar
    The Backwoods 4-in-1 Utility Jar comes in two colours that are available at Stoney Creek’s Elevated Minds. It comes in yellow and red, and the utility jar includes a grinder and a magnifying glass top with an LED light. To add, it also includes a one hitter, a jar component to keep your herbs fresh, tight, and sealed, and it also comes with an USB cable. It really is a bang for your buck.  


Choosing a Marijuana Grinder in Stoney Creek

When it comes to buying a cannabis grinder, it’s best to try a few and settle on what works for you. You can ask one of our budtenders at Elevated Minds in Stoney Creek for any advice about the type of grinder you might need. Some factors that you might want to consider when buying a grinder are: how much do you want to spend on a grinder? Do you want a portable marijuana grinder? And do you want it to be discreet, or not? The bottom line is whatever you need, Elevated Minds has you covered. 


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