Strain Review: Good Supply/Alphria Grower’s Choice Hybrid Flower (Small Buds)

by Elevated Minds

Brand Name: Good Supply/Aphria

Strain Name: Grower’s Choice Hybrid

Strain Category: Hybrid

Type (Flower, preroll, extracts..): Flower (Small Buds)

Terpenes: N/A

THC/CBD: THC:16%-24%, CBD: 0%-2%

Would you buy it again?: YES if still available

Appearance: Comes in bright green packaging indicating the type of high that is associated with this strain aka “a fun time”.

Flavour: So there is no information provided by the supplier on the terpenes/flavour profile of this particular strain, but in my opinion, it tastes like a more intense spice(caryophyllene), with a hint of lemon(limonene)

Overall: Definitely would recommend this strain if you’re balling on a budget. For the price of the grower’s choice, being in the more of the high potency THC range according to the licensed producer, the grower’s choice is that strain that will always

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