Strain Review: Flint and Ember’s GSC Kush Flower

by Elevated Minds

Brand Name: Flint and Ember’s

Strain Name: GSC Kush

Strain Category: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Type (Flower, preroll, extracts..): Flower(Small Buds)

Terpenes: Humulene,Farnasene,Beta-Caryophyllene,Limonene,Myrcene

THC/CBD: THC: 22%-28%, CBD: 0%

Would you buy it again?: Yes

Appearance: First thought about the bud was that it was a bit brittle and dry. I did notice that GSC had purple buds and fiery orange hair with a great dank opening the product package smelling almost dessert-like. Now to give it the benefit of the doubt, this could be a direct correlation with when the product was packaged date vs when we received products from the wholesaler.

Flavour: Mhm, now who doesn’t like cookies lol, but for real, you can definitely taste that it is mint-like with hints of lemon and peppery that dominate the overall flavour profile.

Overall: Unfortunately, I felt as if I did get a bad batch of bud, but for the GSC it was an overall enjoyable strain to have. Due to it being a bit dry, the smoke was more rough/harsh but after a couple of puffs of the GSC, I definitely started to feel the effects of being more talkative and relaxed which took away from the actual smoke being rough. GSC in my opinion is definitely one for more of a social gathering, sets the tone for all you partygoers out there.

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