Eleven Questions to Ask at the Cannabis Dispensary

by Elevated Minds

If you’re looking for a cannabis dispensary In Stoney Creek Hamilton, it’s important to pick a reliable service provider with high standards. After all, there are multiple options to choose from in a variety of cannabis forms which can leave you wondering which will be the best option for you. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a cannabis dispensary that you can rely on to ensure you leave with the best possible product for your treatment.

However, if it is your first time walking into a cannabis dispensary, you may not know where to start when it comes to choosing the right one for your needs. To make the whole process easier for you, we’ve outlined ten valuable questions to ask a cannabis dispensary.

During your initial consultation, ask these questions to help you understand if this dispensary has exactly what’s best for your individual needs and preferences.


1. What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?
Sativa and Indica are two species of cannabis that share many similar features but have specific and distinct differences. The main difference between them is the Indica strains are more sedating while Sativa strains are more activating or energizing. In case you can’t decide whether to buy Indica versus Sativa? We can help!


2. What is the difference between CBD and THC?
CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are two of the most prominent cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The difference is that they don’t have the same chemical arrangement, and the body receives them as different compounds.

CBD is sold as gels, gummies, oils, supplements, extracts, and more. On the other hand, THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces a high sensation. It can be consumed by smoking cannabis. It’s also available in oils, edibles, tinctures, capsules, and more.


3. What is the correct percentage of THC for me?
The overall amount of THC varies from person to person and also depends on various factors. The best way to determine the correct percentage suitable for you is to contact us as we will be in a better position to guide you on this.


4. What are the different ways I can consume cannabis?
There are many ways that someone can consume cannabis. While smoking is the most popular, there were some changes made to the process to account for others. Nowadays, cannabis can be applied directly to the skin in the form of cannabis balms, gels, salves, and lotions that can be used to treat pain, muscle aches, and more.

  • Vaping is another approach that many use, and they heat cannabis to a level that releases cannabinoids and other compounds into the air, producing a vapor that they inhale. With no smoke, it’s more discreet and easier on the lungs and can accommodate a wide range of products, including oils, resin, and concentrates.
  • Cannabis powder is a form of powdered THC that can be easily dissolved in water, much like a sports supplement.
  • Transdermal Patches allow cannabinoids to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, which can benefit extended-release.
  • Medical cannabis pills, capsules, and tablets allow for precise dosing without the calories or cooking of edibles.
  • You can also eat them while mixing them in other food items like the iconic “pot brownie” or THC-infused gummies and lemonades.


5. How much cannabis should I consume?
When consuming cannabis, the way it’s consumed, the type of product, and individual tolerance all play a part. If you need a guide to understand better how to consume cannabis, give us a call!


6. Where should I get my cannabis from?
While the cannabis industry is booming, choosing the right dispensary for your cannabis needs is important. So when shopping for cannabis, make sure to purchase it from a licensed dispensary.


7. Are all cannabis retail stores the same?
Every store will vary in the assortment of cannabis products they carry, the kind of services they provide, and whether they have enough knowledge about your requirements to provide you with information to make the sale. In short, not all cannabis retail stores will be the same.


8. How should I store my cannabis once I buy it?
Cannabis products need to be stored in a controlled environment. It requires the right temperature, away from humidity, and the correct oxygen levels. There are a few specifics to ensure the cannabis products remain fresh, so ask the expert for tips on how to store them.


9. Are the packages childproof?
Yes of course! All products bought at legal dispensary stores have childproof packaging and must have the OCS seal on it.


10. What is the duration of the cannabis effect on me? Is it all the same?
The effects last can vary greatly depending on the dose and potency. The more you use and the higher the content, the longer the effects will stick around.


11. What is the legal age to consume cannabis?
You must be 19 years or older to be able to legally purchase and consume cannabis. Always be prepared to show your ID at the door.


If you are looking for a cannabis or marijuana dispensary in Stoney Creek Hamilton, reach out to us at Elevated Minds. We are committed to offering the best collection of cannabis products and accessories. We have been working with various clients across the board, and we have enough information to assist them and meet their requirements and needs. We provide a wide range of weed edibles, THC, CBD, and other cannabis products and accessories.

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