A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis for Scarborough Residents

by Elevated Minds

Weed, pot, marijuana, ganja, doja, cannabis, the plant has many names, and even if you might have never tried it, you’ve likely heard of it and seen its iconic seven-starred leaves adorning pot shops and hippie art all over the world. But despite being familiar with the plant, you might not really know enough to actually get into cannabis. If you’ve ever wondered about cannabis and how to consume it, Elevated Minds Beginner’s Guide to cannabis has answers to your basic questions. Come learn more about this amazing plant and the benefits it has to offer.

How to Get Started With Cannabis for the First Time

Canna-curious but don’t know where to start? We understand we’ve all been there at some point. Thankfully as cannabis becomes more used and spoken about, it’s easier to find out information on how and where to start. We’ve put together some tips for first-time cannabis users.

Talk to a Seasoned Cannabis User

Diving into the world of cannabis is an exciting endeavour. However, your experience can be hampered by taking on too much when you’re just beginning to experiment with it. We recommend you ask a professional budtender what they recommend for beginners or less experienced cannabis users, as they will be happy to point you in the right direction to get you off on the right foot.


Do Your Cannabis Research

Cannabis comes in smokeable, edible, vape-able, topical applications, and drinkable forms. Guiding your budtender to your preference for smell, flavour, and taste will greatly help them get a feel for your interests and enjoyment. Talking to a budtender will help you pick the right product to start with so that you would avoid having a bad experience. Do not hesitate to ask the budtender any questions you have.


Take It Easy and Start Slow

If you choose to consume cannabis, how much you consume and how quickly you consume can influence whether or not you experience adverse effects. Take your time to understand how your body reacts to cannabis, as everyone’s response is different. Until then, start low and go slow to minimize health risks and the risks of overconsumption. Always remember to start low and go slow.


Know your Weed Limits

Just like with coffee or sugar, consuming too much cannabis can still resort in an uncomfortable experience. The biggest risk for cannabis newcomers is that they’ll experience an overdose and never try cannabis again. Overdoing cannabis can result in fatigue, paranoia, rapid heartbeat, decreased blood pressure, and skewed movements. No matter how much cannabis you consume, the herb does not suppress the respiratory system like many other substances. But, If you overdo cannabis, it will not be an enjoyable experience for you.


Mind Your Set and Setting

Make sure you are in a comfortable space with people you feel safe with. Sometimes, people’s adverse reactions to intoxicating substances can be triggered by happenings outside their own bodies. Your first cannabis experience isn’t the time to hang out with someone new for the first time. Stick with people you know and trust. Aim to be somewhere that feels safe and comfortable, whether that’s your living room or favourite beach.

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